Lynn Kobayashi Breaks The CAN Record By Over Four Minutes

Mini Meet #2 Lynn Lynn ran the 5000m indoors at the Ontario Masters Winter Mini Meet on Sunday at the Toronto Track Centre.

Lynn finished in 21:55….breaking the W55 CAN record of 26:14 held by Gossette Radein ON.

UTTC Masters were the top scoring Club for the second meet in a row – thanks to strong performances by all of our entries.

Mini Meet #2 Dunc Mini Meet #2 Group Mini Meet #2 James and Yak Mini Meet #2 Joan Mini Meet #2 John H and Michael Mini Meet #2 Khama Mini Meet #2 Lianna Mini Meet #2 Lynn Mini Meet #2 Michael and John Mini Meet #2 Michael Mini Meet #2 Amrit Mini Meet #2 Andre Mini Meet #2 CAN Record Mini Meet #2 Colin Mini Meet #2 Mike C Mini Meet #2 Mike S Mini Meet #2 Ming Mini Meet #2 Rob

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