W50 Team Wins At Don’s Harriers

New member Katherine Willis. Lynda de Boer, and Rita Botelho won the W50 Team title at Sunday’s Don Farquharson Memorial Harriers cross country race. They had a combined time of 56:12.

The Team of Mike Sherar, Kevin Farr, and Gary Pluim won the M40 division.


Mike Sherar

Gary Pluim

Kevin Farr

Michael Chang

Lynda de Boer

Rita Botelho

Rob Welsh

Doug Smith

Duncan Greenshields

Katherine Willis

Wendy Lopez







Wendy – 3rd W30 (20:58)

Gary – 3rd M40 (14:40)

Kevin – 4th M40 (14:53)

Mike C – 5th M40 (15:02)

Rob – 9th M40 (18:53)

Mike S – 2nd M45 (14:23)

Lynda – 2nd W50 (17:06)

Rita – 3rd W50 (18:23)

Katherine – 5th W50 (20:43)

Doug – 4th M60 (19:37)

Duncan 5th M60 (20:21)

Photos by Ellen Simpson

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