52nd Ontario Masters Indoor Championships

Indoors - Relays

Toronto Track & Field Centre

February 5, 2023

Indoors - Makie 3000

W60 Makie Ohler broke the CAN record in the 3000m in 11:40.99
The mark was set by Molly Turner in 1994

Indoors Simon T.

M35 Simon Taggart (L) broke the ONT record in the 60mH in 8.42

Two UTTC Mixed Relay Teams set the ONT records in the 4X400m Relay

Mixed 30 – Michael, Dave, Makie, Julia

Mixed 45 – Charles, Gwen, Chris Madsen, Anne


UTTC came in second place as the top scoring Club for the Brian Keaveney Trophy

1 Jamcan International Athletics JMAC 298
2 University of Toronto TC UTTC 205
3 Throwers Club THRO 166
4 Brockville Legion Track Club BLEG 47
5 Ottawa Lions T.F.C. OTTL 39
5 Newmarket Huskies Track Club NMKT 39


Full Results & Shaggy’s Photos


Photos ID

101 Botelho, Rita
115 Koch, Anne
118 Ohler, Makie
126 Weber, Catherine
133 Bedley, Charles
147 Farr, Tony
165 Lemassif, Christian
166 Madsen, Chris
200 Williams, Dave
206 Carew, Julia
230 Christensen, Verner
232 Connors, Michael
239 Lau, Manly
251 Taggart, Simon
253 Tekwa, Eden
255 Uda, Thomas
260 Bailey-Mason, Gwyneth



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