Ontario Cross Country Championships


Fort Henry – Kingston
November 13th
Masters 5K

Kgtn Group 3

UTTC Masters fielded 13 members at the Championships on November 13th

Kgtn Simon
M55 Simon Rayner was the top Age Graded scorer with an 86.44%

Kgtn Rita
W60 Rita Botelho was our top scoring woman (5th overall) with an 82.04%

446A7879M30 Ethan Davenport was the first Overall finisher in 16:05

UTTC won the W60 Club Team
Clara Northcott, Makie Ohler, Rita Botelho
Kgtn W60 Team


UTTC won the M80 Club Team
Vern Christensen and Michael Goodstadt

Kingston M80

Results and Shaggy’s Photos

Kgtn A Team

Coach Paul, Shaggy, and Rita working on the Awards Presentation
Kid on the right not too sure about Shaggy 🙂

Kgtn Group 2

Pre-race dinner

Kgtn Group


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