Makie’s Going Away Party

November 15, 2021

Makie Party 1


Nice Party at the Harbord House

Makie Party 2

Makie’s Outdoor UTTC records;

1500m    W55    5:25.56    15-Aug-2021    OMA Championships, Toronto Track & Field Centre

1 Mile     W55    6:13.00     16-Jun-2018    Sierra Gold Masters T&F Festival, Grass Valley, CA

3000m    W55    11:54.43    10-Jul-2018    YUTC Twlight #6, Toronto, ON

5000m    W55    19:26.71    12-Sep-2018    WMA Championships, Malaga, Spain

Makie’s Indoor UTTC records;

1000m    W55     3:38.06    21-Jan-2018       OMA Mini Meet #2, TTFC, Toronto, ON

1500m    W55     5:31.10    17-Mar-2018     USATF Masters Indoor Championships, Landover, MD

1 Mile     W55     5:55.85     2-Mar-2019      USATF Masters Indoor Champs, Winston-Salem, NC

3000m    W55    11:33.82    1-Mar-2019      USATF Masters Indoor Champs, Winston-Salem, NC

5000m    W55    20:29.85     21-Jan-2018    OMA Mini Meet #2, Toronto, ON

(compiled by Steven Blau)

Makie Treats 7

Makie’s Weekly Workout Trewats!


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