UTTC Medals at the World Indoor Championships in Korea

M50 Coach Paul won both the 800m (above), and the 1500m. He won the Silver as part of the M45 4X200m Relay Team.
M50 Coach Mike was 5th in the 400m, Silver in the 800m (above), 6th in the 1500m

Paul’s 1500m win!

Coaches Mike and Chris were on the M50 4X200m Relay Team that won Silver – one second behind the winning USA team. (with Serge Faucher ON and Zaven Tavitian PQ)
Their time of 1:37.72 broke the 1:42 CAN record

M50 Chris Lemassif also ran the 60m (above 6th), and the 200m (5th)

W60 Lynn Kobayashi was 4th in the 1500m, and won Silver in the 3000m

Team Canada Manager Vern Christensen was 4th in the M75 8K Cross Country, 4th in the 1500m (photo), and 5th in the 3000m

M40 Jay Brecher was 7th in the 800m (Semis photo) and 9th in the 1500m

M40 (Dr) Bill Wells was 6th in the 800m (Semi photo), and 11th in the 1500m

M65 Duncan Greenshields  was 13th in the 400m Semis, 15th in the 800m Semis, 16th in the 1500m

M55 Coach Walter was 10th in the 8K Cross Country
(photo by Joy)

W55 Joy Karmarich was 7th in the 800m

M55 John Willet was 9th in the 1500m

M45 Markus Skeete  400m (9th), 60mH (10th), High Jump (7th), Pentathlon (5th), and Silver in the 4X200m Relay

Two UTTC members, Markus and Paul, on the Silver medal winning M45 Canadian Relay team (with Jerry Kangi PQ and Peter Lawson NS)

M65 Shaggy ran the 1500m…….. DFL !


UTTC Results


Shaggy’s Photos


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