UTTC Masters Christmas Party


The 8th Annual UTTC Masters Christmas Party
took place on December 2nd at Amy’s house.
The Sprint group had a big turnout

Gina, Joy and Rita

Simon delivered this wonderful speech;

I do need a moment if you don’t mind. I need to come clean about something, spill the beans so to speak.I’ve been harbouring this for some time, it’s actually affected me for a very long time…and haven’t really told anyone or called myself out…but it’s been eating away at me…perhaps this isn’t the right time or place?

But I do want to make a confession…if you don’t mind that is.  I don’t think alone, I can’t be the only one. It must affect all of us.

My name is Simon and I have serious problem…

I have an obsession, quite sadistic really, a serious craving.

I can barely contain myself some days, waiting for it, thinking about it constantly. I obsess about it, strategizing about how to approach it, how I’m going to do it… always being drawn in and falling prey to those driving demons we have. And usually feel terrible afterwards, can barely move, my family wonders about me, my work colleagues don’t even understand me.

And there have been times over the last few years, while you’ve know me that I haven’t been able to fulfill my needs, it’s been so frustrating. But I’ve always managed to figure out how to get back to it again.  I’m grateful for the support you’ve shown me, through those tough times, but you knew all along that I was going to get back to it.

I’m not alone though am I. I’m really just the same as everyone else here, we’re a rare breed and possessed…perhaps you haven’t admitted it yet out loud.

I obsess and crave for the workouts we do: nothing else matters as much; we give everything to them; they define us. Meeting up every week and grinding out the reps, all of us together, working together, encouraging each other, pushing each other. It’s what we live for right.

The workouts make us stronger and faster and go further. We love it. It really does define who we are…and provides the camaraderie, the team drive, the passion to continue to sadistically torture our bodies as we get older and slower and weaker… but we won’t stop, we keep doing it, we’ll still push ourselves, until we really cannot go another step or jump or throw.

I love this sport…and I live for the workouts (if I’m really honest, sometimes more than the races). But best of all it’s that we ALL come together from across the city, from diverse parts of life and we share these experiences together.

I’m very fortunate, WE’RE very fortunate…this really is an incredible team of athletes, coaches and friends, OUR Toronto Track family. Thanks to our coaches for planning, strategizing and honing our talents to peak, to our training partners pushing harder and working together week after week, and for our friendship and support with each other through the good and tough. We bleed blue for each other!

Merry Athi-Hanuk-Mas to everyone.
GO Toronto 2020!


Shaggy weaselled his way into this shot!

 Blast From The Past Video

Year In Review Video

(Note – having trouble loading DJ Joan’s music to the video….
will figure it out! ) – Shaggy


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