UTTC Wins Five Age Group Teams at Taylor Creek

Taylor Creek

M50 Team
UTTC’s M50 Team
broke the Course Record in 53:10
Stuart Galloway, Mike Sherar, Anthony MacIsaac, Armand D’Olivierra
The Newmarket Huskies tied them in the total finish place scoring, so we went to the total time of the three scorers….Huskies finished in 53:13 !
Stuart was the highest AG% score at 89.35% – one of the highest scores ever at a Masters Cross Country race!

W40 Team

UTTC won the W40 Team category
Kate Cochrane-Brink, Nancy Catton, Nathalie Auger, Amy Ballon

W50 Team

UTTC won the W50 Team
Clara Northcott, Rita Botelho
They beat the UTTC B Team by three positions

M60 Team

UTTC won the M60 Team
Tony Farr, Wayne Chee, John Helliker, Duncan Greenshields

M70 Team

UTTC won the M70 Team
Vern Christensen, Gary McColeman, Keijo Taivassalo

Results – Standings – Photos

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