UTTC Top Scoring Club at the CMA Championships

CMA Out Group

UTTC Masters scored 306 points at the Canadian Masters Championships in St Catharines on July 17th – 18th (photo-Dan Slovitt)

The highlight was Kate Cochrane Brink breaking the W45 Canadian Record in the 400m Hurdles with a 1:14.18 finish


CMA Out Kate

Other team members….

CMA Out Wayne

Wayne confusing the Steeplechase for the PanAm Syncro Swimming
 CMA Out Tony CMA Out Shaggy Steeple CMA Out Rita CMA Out Nanci CMA Out Mikael CMA Out Marijana CMA Out Lynn & Clara CMA Out Katherine CMA Out JW CMA Out Jay & Paul CMA Out Dunc CMA Out Annie CMA Out AmyOMA Out Armand

CMA Out 800


Shaggy was inducted into the CMA Hall of Fame
along with John Hawkins


UTTC Results
Overall Results & Photos





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