UTTC Wins The Ontario Indoor Championships


OMA Indoors Group

Brian Keaveney presents The Brian Keaveney Trophy to Coach Paul
at the end of the 44th Annual Ontario Masters Indoor Championships
at the Toronto Track & Field Centre on Sunday, February 22nd
Brian was the Meet Director for 22 years until Shaggy took over in 2008

All five-year age groups score in all events – 7pts for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd..

UTTC                            505
Jamaican Masters AC   350
The Throwers Club          71

OMA Indoors Kate

Kate Cochrane-Brink was our top scorer with 40 points!
Kate had more points than twelve Clubs !!

60m – 1st (7)
200m – 2nd (5)
800m – 1st (7)
1500m -1st (7)
4X200m – 1st (7)
4X400 – 1st (7)

Results and Photos
only results are on our web site


OMA Indoors W35 4X2 RElay

UTTC set a new W35 CAN Record in the 4X200m Relay in 2:07.90
Marijana Primorac, Nancy Catton, Kate Cochrane-Brink and Amy Ballon

 OMA Indoors M40 RElay

UTTC set a new M40 CAN in the 4X800m Relay in 8:57.26
Bill Wells, Jay Brecher, Ian Reid, Jason Matthews

OMA Indoors 4X200 W50 OMA Indoors Andre OMA Indoors BLair OMA Indoors Chasing Clara OMA Indoors Chris OMA Indoors Clara OMA Indoors Duncan OMA Indoors Gary OMA Indoors Jamie 2 OMA Indoors Jay B OMA Indoors John H OMA Indoors Jon OMA Indoors Katherine OMA Indoors Marijana Shot OMA Indoors Matijana OMA Indoors Nancy 2 OMA Indoors Nancy OMA Indoors Nic OMA Indoors Paul OMA Indoors Rita OMA Indoors Stuart OMA Indoors Tony OMA Indoors Tri Mike OMA Indoors Vern OMA Indoors Wayne OMA Indoors Will OMA Indoors Zee

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