UTTC is the 2nd Place Masters Team at the Provincial Championships




UTTC Masters beat Longboat by ONE point at the
Ontario Cross Country Championships in Niagara Falls on November 16th

NFO M40 Team

Not only did UTTC win the top M40 Team
(L-R) Bill Wells was 5th, Jay Brecher was 3rd, Jason Matthews was 1st,
and Ian Reid was 2nd in the M40 age group

NFO M70 Team

UTTC won the top M70 Team
Vern Christensen, Kaijo Taivassalo, and Gary McColeman
Vern was third M70 and Keijo was 1st M75

NFO M60's

John Helliker (R) was third M60

NFO Annie

Annie Bunting won the W50 division

NFO Rita

Rita Botelho was 3rd W50

NFO Lynn 1

Lynn Kobayashi won the W55’s

NFO Clara

Clara Northcott won the W60 division


Our top 5 age grade scorers were:

1) Mike Sherar – 80.97%

2) John Helliker – 80.96% (that was close!)

3) Keijo Taivassalo – 80.82%

4) Rita Botelho – 80.22%

5) Ian Reid – 79.62%

Full Results and Photos

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