Ming Named Triathlon Ontario – Coach of the Year


Triathlon Ontario selected  Ming-Chang Tsai as Coach of the Year

Ming brings both an academic and practical perspective to the sport. A former national team rower for Taiwan, Tsai is in the final months of his PhD in Exercise Science at the University of Toronto. His research involves developing mathematical models to predict performance and to quantify the utilization of anaerobic vs aerobic energy systems in endurance sports. He research stands to change the way endurance athletes train. His athlete, short course pro Leanna Lee insists told TMC,  “Ming has been my mentor and coach from the very beginning of my triathlon career, and I consider myself extremely privileged to be one of his athletes. His individual training plans are periodized and often tweaked on a daily basis to accommodate for each athlete’s specific needs. Any success I have achieved in triathlon and cycling would not have been possible without his guidance.”

Courtesy Triathlon Magazine Canada


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