Marie-Josée Le Jour Breaks The World Record

MJ Shot WR

Marie-Josée Le Jour set a World Record in the W35 Throws Pentathlon on Saturday at the Toronto Track & Field Centre with an incredible 4,047 pts – beating the existing WR of 3,730 pts held by Christi McCahill of New Zealand set in Brisbane in 2001. 

MJ also becomes the first W35 thrower to break the 4,000pt mark, an impressive achievement! 

Her series was hammer – 48.97m, Shot – 12.38m, Discus – 46.09, Javelin – 30.29m and Weight – 16.56m.  She also set a Canadian Record in the Weight Throw of 16.77m. 

MJ also coaches throws at UTTC.

Text and photo courtesy Bill Pearson

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