UTTC Masters at the World Championships

IMG_0791 UTTC Masters athletes distinguished themselves
at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Porto Alegre Brazil.
Bronze winning M45 4X400m Relay team (with Andrew from BC)

Brazil - Jay Brecher ON

M35 Jay Brecher

Brazil - Andre

M35 Andre Mitchell
100m (13th) – 200m (14th) – 400m (11th) – 4X100 – 4X400

Brazil - Chris Lemassif

M45 Coach Chris Lemassif
100m (9th) – 200m (12th) – 400m (10th) – 4X400m (Bronze)

Brazil - Chris Warburton

M45 Chris Wharburton
100m (5th) – 200m (8th)

Brazil - Duncan Greenshields ON

M60 Duncan Greenshields
400m – 800m
Brazil - John Willett

John Willett

Brazil - Kate Cochrane

Kate Cochrane Brink
400m (4th) – 400mH

Brazil - Khama Beckles

W35 Khama Beckles
100m (Silver) – 200m (4th) – 400m (6th) – 4X100m

Brazil - Mike

M45 Coach Mike Sherar
(turned 50 during the meet)
400m (6th) – 800m (4th) – 4X400m (Bronze)

Brazil - Nigel

M40 Nigel John
100m (17th) – 200m (6th) – 4X400m (Bronze)

Brazil - Paul

M45 Coach Paul Osland
800m (Bronze) – 4X400m (Bronze)

Brazil - Rita

W50 Rita Botelho
800m (4th) – 1500m (5th) – 4X100m – Social Director – Translator

Brazil - Shaggy

M60 Shaggy
5000m (not last) – Steeplechase (not last) – Photographer – Mascot

Brazil - Ahman

Ahman Mazhar
Hammer – Weight Throw

Jay Foubert

M40 Jay Foubert
100m (20th) – 200m (DNF in Semi 14th)


M55 Hamid Bakhtiyari

Full Results and photos

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